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Lush Landscape of Northeast Ohio – with Marc Hanson

– June 2nd thru 6th, 2014 –

Marc Hanson says “One of the reasons that I’m a visual artist is that it has always been more effective for me to share my excitement about the natural world through visual means, painting or drawing, than it has been through writing or speaking about it. My love of the land, the Midwest in particular, and my desire to communicate that deep seeded love is what drives my work. Painting is the vehicle for my expression of that love. My purpose is not to replicate the specific or dwell on the spectacular, as much as it is to observe the specific and to discover the beauty in the seemingly unspectacular. My goal is to paint a sense of place and what that means to me as an artist.”


Learn more about Marc Hanson at www.marchansonart.com

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Workshop Fee: $635 (ASA Members: $625) Tuition due by May 5th.